Schedule for seminars in Fall, 2020

NOTE: Every specified time is in KST(Korean Standard Time): UTC + 9

# Date Time Speaker & Title Type
1 9/1(Tue.) 16:00 Woojin Chung & Nadine Bade (Institut Jean Nicod)
   The role of language in reasoning and how reasoning informs research on language [Detail]
2 9/14(Mon.), 15(Tue.), 17(Thr.) 18:00 Suzy Ahn (UCLA/University of Ottawa)
   Ultrasound tutorials (눈으로 보는 말소리 - 초음파를 활용한 언어학 연구) [Detail]
3 9/25(Fri.) 10:00 John Beavers (University of Texas, Austin)
   A Theory of the Roots of Verbal Meaning: Some Concepts and Consequences [Detail]
4 10/20(Tue.), 23(Fri.), 27(Tue.) 17:00 Michael Ashby (UCL)
   Sounds of the IPA [Detail]
5 11/11(Wed.), 13(Fri.), 18(Wed.) 18:00 Ocke-Schwen Bohn (Aarhus University)
   Characteristics, consequences, and causes of foreign accented speech in perception and in production [Detail]
6 12/22(Tue.), 23(Wed.) 10:00 ~ 17:00 SWELL(SNU Workshop on Empirical and Laboratory Linguistics) 2020 [Detail] Online