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Colloquium 10 (29th October, 5PM): Zang-Hee Cho (Korea University)

Bridging the Human Brain and Language; Neurolinguistics, where are we?

The tenth colloquium held at the Department of Linguistics, SNU in 2021 is “Bridging the Human Brain and Language; Neurolinguistics, where are we?” by Zang-Hee Cho.

The speaker currently works at Neuroscience Convergence Center, GMRC, Korea University, Korea. He acquired his PhD in Physics from Uppsala University in 1966.


For the study of language as a tool for the human cognition and thought, it seems natural to make connection to the brain, the central component of the human body. As it is known, our human cognitive activity is a neural process involving memories of different kinds, a consortium of neural memories some of which are believed formed via repeated exposure to the inputs such as the “Human Language”. The roles of the human language, however, is not all that clear because of the fact that we know too little about our human brain, how it works and how the neural network functions. Among the many, we will explore how our human memories are formed, especially in connection to our human language which we use everyday. I will also attempt to make connection between the language and neuronal activities that are involved in language processing such as the conversion, grouping and selection of the input neuronal signals which will eventually be connected to the language, therefore, the speech or sentence comprehension which we know as human cognition and thought, the central theme of the conscious human behaviour and cognitive process.

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