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Colloquium 11 (19th November, 10AM): Anne Cutler (Western Sydney University)

Pragmatic Processing in Speech Perception: Prosody, Speaker Variation

The eleventh colloquium held at the Department of Linguistics, SNU in 2021 is “Pragmatic Processing in Speech Perception: Prosody, Speaker Variation” by Anne Cutler.

The speaker currently works at the MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University, Australia. She acquired her PhD in Psycholinguistics from University of Texas in 1975.


Some aspects of speech perception remain a mystery to researchers, for instance why the prosody of speech attracts so (comparatively) little attention in native speakers’ accounts of the structure of their language, and, presumably in consequence, receives little attention from second-language learners and teachers either.

Nonetheless, there is growth in studies of how prosodic structure is used by listeners, across languages that differ phonologically, and the results can help us towards an explanation of these issues. This talk will discuss some recent results from studies of prosodic processing at both the lexical level and the sentence level, as well as studies of how listeners deal with speaker-specific variation, which suggest that there is an underlying common thread in how these sources of variation in speech are processed.

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