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Colloquium 5 (21st May, 10AM): Jinho Choi (Emory University)

Emora: the Champion of the 2020 Alexa Prize

The fifth colloquium held at the Department of Linguistics, SNU in 2021 is “Emora: the Champion of the 2020 Alexa Prize” by Jinho Choi.

The speaker currently works at Emory University, USA. He acquired his PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University of Colorado Boulder in 2012.


In this talk, I will first demonstrate limitations of the current state-of-the-art chatbots and discuss challenges behind Conversational AI. I will then present technology behind our Conversational AI-based chatbot called Emora, that was awarded the first place in the 2020 Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge. Emora is premised on the notions of active curiosity and caring, and brings opinion and feeling to Conversational AI, which had mostly been information-based and task-oriented. I will explain how user experiences change across information-based, opinion-based, and experience-based dialogue managements observed during the competition. Finally, I will introduce our new technology to compete for this year’s Alexa Prize that dynamically populates a concept graph from the entire dialogue, performs probabilistic reasoning to capture the most relevant context, and uses a graph-to-text model to generate the next utterance. Given this new technology, Emora is able to make inference-based conversations and conduct multi-dimensional dialogues.

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